Alumnus of Oakfield Schools bag first degree with a first class.

As far as excellence is concerned, the students of Oakfield are never left out. Few weeks ago, Ogwatta Augusta, a former student of the school, made every one of us proud by bagging BSc First class Honours with a GPA of 4.76!
Once upon a time, she was a student of our great citadel of learning. After finishing her secondary education in 2016, she furthered her education in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. There, she studied Accountancy. Even before this time, she had 7A1s, 1B2 and 1B3 in WASSCE. She set a record of having the best results in the history of Oakfield Schools. As so, she has caused a proud smile not only on her family, but also on her school (home and abroad).
The achievements of this wonderful lady will remain in the hearts of Oakfield Schools. We expect the students at Oakfield to do more and break the record set by Miss Augusta Ogwatta.
Just as the Director of the school stated, an Hall of Fame will be created within the school premises. In it will be pictures of past students with excellent academic records including that of Augusta. The purpose of this is not only to celebrate the achievements of these ambassadors but also to motivate the upcoming ones.