Hi guys, this is Oakfield Schools' press club. The new session is almost here and we can't wait to start. Amazing, right? So to the visitors here, reading through this post, we are happy that you took your time to check us out. We love that and we feel really honoured to have you 🤗. We don't want you to only view and leave, we also want you to join our amazing family.

Children, Parents, Beautiful people, Oakfield Schools is a place to be. Academically, we are top notch. With qualified teachers, a determined team, essential facilities and not to forget, the help of God, we have proved in a lot of ways that the sky is just our beginning

During the 2019/2020 session, the examination body (WAEC) released the WASSCE results and we are proud to announce that our champions (students) had at least a credit pass in all subjects giving the school another 100% success rate in WASSCE.

We also can say that our champions, who graduated from our prestigious school are doing fine both in the country and overseas.

In terms of sport, we have table tennis, a mini football pitch, a basketball court and volleyball court. All these facilities are fully functional and well-maintained.

We run club activities in this great school. We ensure that our club are structured to give a perfect blend of fun and learning. This makes our champions more active in the society and in the world at large.

You can get all these services at a very affordable price. Why don't you send us a message or come over to our school and register your child(ren) with us. We can't wait to have you. Thank you and remember, we are the preferred.